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War: From World War II to 2002 Essay -- essays research papers fc

fight From conception War II to 2002The end of mankind War II was the spawn of a new war that would continue for over fifty years The refrigerant War. Technic eithery this war was not a fifty-year physical confrontation amid two countries but more of a political confrontation amid the balls two remaining super-powers. The dropping of the atomic pelt in 1945 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the beginning of a new arsenal that would corpus to the development of nuclear weapons.After Japan and Germany were defeated in World War II, a solutions to prevent the future event of a tertiary world war were taken by the establishment of the United Nations to illegalize all private wars. Another honest of the United Nations was to punish those villains that were censurable of war crimes against humanity. The problem with this type of procedure is that the winners of a combat situation, whether beneficial or wrong, are the ones that get to decide who is on the wrong nerve of the law and who is not.The atom bomb, which was mentioned earlier as the problem solver of World War II, would prove to lead to a larger dilemma. Prior to the atomic bomb and later the hydrogen bomb, it was thought that any weapon could be defended against. The problem with the communist countries of Russia was their doctrine of totalitarianism. The main focus of the time was construct an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and the only countries with the resources were Russia and the United States. Russia shocked the world with the launch of Sputnik in 1957 followed by the first orbital flight virtually the world. It appeared that the Soviets were going to beat the Americans in the Space Race and reap all of the benefits from it as well Reconnaissance, surveillance, communication, and delivery platforms for weapons.The Russians philosophy was construct on the teachings of Clausewitz in that they maintained that war was a political means, calm was only a step towards war, and tha t conflict is inevitable. The Soviet Union was in no hurry to attack any demesne, but the state did tie in other types of warfare, such as political, economical, and psychological. The United States formed the Counter-Intelligence agency as a means to resist the communist state.The rest of the ... ...ed pinch was put together as a show of more than that observers. Forces were only dispatched if the host country approved them, and although they were authorized to carry fortification there were strict rules that had to be followed. The UNEF could only use the weapons for self-defense, force could not be used to carry out their mission of observation, and they were not allowed to throw in with the countries administration. The UNEF would be expected to govern all of the United Nations actions after its establishment and for the most part has done so. Although the United Nations peacekeeping methods have not ended all threats to every country on the global front, the methods are a step in the right direction to a solution that provides every land with a imperturbable resolution.WORKS CITEDBrodie, Bernard and Fawn. From Crossbow to H-Bomb.(Bloomington, IndianaIndiana University, 1973). Chap9-11Keegan, John. Mask of Command. (New York, New York VikingPenguin, 1988). deathPreston, Richard A., Alex Roland, and Sydney F. Wise. MenIn Arms A History of Warfare and its interrelationshipsWith Hesperian Society. (Belmont, CaliforniaWadsworth/Thomson Learning, 2001). Chap 19-22

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