Friday, March 8, 2019

Ethics Social Justice Essay

The good issues that were identified in the case study of Guerrilla Government in EPAs Seattle Regional Office were cumbersome. The first of many to create unethical situations was the administrator of EPAs Seattle regional office in 1981, John Spencer. His faculty remembers his tenure for all the unethical actions he took such as victimization tax payers money to buy a rank for the EPA in the Chamber of Commerce (OLeary, 2014 p. 48). His actions continued even off after numerous attempts to advise him that his actions were against national guidelines and caused serious conflict of interest questions. He similarly allegedly took several personal trips to Alaska to handle affairs related to his former job on public expense. In addition, he requested as personal driver to take him to and from and requested modifications to the EPA office building without getting prior approval from the General Services Administration thus violating federal law (OLeary, 2014 p. 48-54).There was excessively unethical conduct displayed by Ernesta Barnes successor, Robie Russell. In March of 1987, Russell made his unethical behavior known when the local media announced that a veteran engineer had quit his job due to being angry that he was being transferred involuntarily to another job. At that point, Russell began qualification decisions that had one time been a group effort behind closed doors. Workers who were once performing analysis, were cut out of the decision making process. He was even believed to have removed important comments in reports before they were released to the public. He was also known to back out of his support for the development of oil in the Arctic National Wildlife mental home and then recall that support by and by in a testimony to the U.S House of Representatives who were considering the proposal. He stated that The EPA does not oppose the environmentally acceptable development of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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