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Business Plan for Sushi Restaurant

Business Plan for Oyi-Shi Sushi restaurant By Hongying Cai go forward Letter Dear Investor Youre looking at a ancestry political platform for one of the finest and best Sushi eating house what impart take spotlight in down town Manhattan. The eatery is specific entirelyy located at the Ground Zero, where back in the old days, the finest place. Right now the establishment is rebuilding the World Trade center field, which means wealthy people be coming back to down town Manhattan. This is a great prospect to start a restaurant around the ara, since the population depart importantly increase due to the rising of a 105 stories skyscraper.Oyi-Shi sushi restaurant is aspiration for consumer to strike a relaxed and pleasant environment for brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner. We swear out class style of Japanese sushi, Such as Aburi Sushi, Gunkan-Maki, Maki Sushi and Nigiri Sushi, Plus different selections of beverages. Oyi-shi restaurant will be able to occupy over 40 guess, and a Bar, which will accommodate 15 people. Executive Summary Sushi restaurant application had grown enormously in United State during last decade. As of now days, at that place are approximately 30,000 throughout 50 states, at that place are over 200 sushi restaurant located in smart York.The purpose of this business plan is to find investor or a retainer to start off the business. Oyi-Shi Sushi Bar and Grill is a high-end sushi restaurant and close up located at Ground Zero, Seeking to provide client with a pleasant environment for dinning or happy hours. Plus we would like to satiate customer with our descent sushi catering and variety selection of sushi styles. bon ton bum Ground Oyi-Shi sushi restaurant Inc. is a New York base corporation, Will be register under the State of New York. Restaurant is initially base by HongYing Cai, and seeking to dumbfound a partner. Mr. Cai will obtain 55% of the business.There are overwhelming competitions in restaurant busin ess. In New York City, there are over thousands of restaurant serving different food or caterings. Another obstacle for sushi restaurant is raising price in seafood. agree to IBIS World, sushi restaurant industry is facing a decline in revenue of 3. 4% each year. However there are still opportunities for sushi restaurant business. The project for rebuilding World Trade Center will necessitate a significant increase of population in down town Manhattan. With increase in population there is a need for food. care Team Overall restaurant will be managed by HongYing Cai.I have over 7 years of working experience in restaurant industry. Plus majority of my relatives are restaurant owner, they can give me advises on managing the restaurant. For chief, I will hire 2 Japanese sushi chief, who had at least 5 years of experience on making sushi catering, plus 2 sushi helpers, with at least two year in experience. Well hire 7 waiters or waitress. 3 of them will doing daily shift, 4 of them w ill have the night shift, each of the waiter or waitress need to be very polite to the customer and fluent in English, bonus if address other language, Japanese or Chinese is preferred.Financial Plan There are no loans make in the starting of the business, all capitals had came from founders and the partner. General assumptions of national impose rate are around 33%, and gross revenue tax rate is around 5%. These tax rates are frosty for all 5 years projection. We also assume that the average sales of the restaurant increase near 15% each year. We also Assumes that the direct cost is around 45% of the favorable sold. division 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Sales $1,440,000 $1,656,000 $1,904,400 $2,190,060 $2,518,569 Operating Cost $648,000 $745,200 $856,980 $985,527 $1133356 EBITA $792,000 $910,800 $1,047,420 $1,204,533 $1,385,213 Tax, Interest rate and $300,960 $346,104 $398,020 $457,723 $526,381 depreciations Net wage $491,040 $564,696 $649,400 $746,810 $858,83 2 Capital Required Oyi-Shi sushi restaurant will start off with $400,000 capitals.Following disconcert will show how this capital will be used insure Start off Cost Initial Lease Payment and Deposits $50,000 running(a) Capital $150,000 FF&E $50,000 Leasehold Improvement $15,000 Security deposit $10,000 Opening supplies $15,000 Company vehicle and lease deposit $40,000 Marketing budget $50,000 Miscellaneous and unforeseen Cost $20,000 Total $400,000 Marketing Plan The Objective of this marketing plan is to maximize the visibility of the business in the surrounding area. By doing so, I will use a number of marketing strategies that will allow for the Sushi Restaurant to easily target men and women within targeted market. These strategies include traditionalistic instill advertisements and discounts offered as a part of a grand interruption campaign. Below is a description of how the business intends to market its services to the customary public.The Company als o intends on hiring a local anaesthetic public relations firm that will raise reviews and articles about the restaurant, its cuisine, and relevant hours of operation and pricing. I will invite local food critics to the Companys Sushi Restaurant location in order to generate positive publicity about the restaurant. The Company will maintain a sizable amount of print and traditional advertising methods within local the local market to promote the sushi and Japanese cuisine products that the Company is selling. At the onset of operations, the Company will distribute an expansive number of coupons for lower priced fare within local circulars Location Analysis I had picked area around Ground Zero, as the location of the Oyi-Shi Sushi restaurant.Primary reasons are rebuilds of World Trade Center. According to the Port authorization of NY and NJ, this newly raising skyscraper is five major skyscrapers at downtown Atlanta, providing naval division A Office space. Plus there will be kno wledge domains most significant memorials and museums, which means there are rock-steady amount of tourist. papers from Port self-assurance of NY and NJ also indicated there will be 250,000 people and over 200,000 commuters using the World Trade Centers transportation hub. Manufacturing plan In order to provide customer with the best food, I decided to import the seafood and other goods needed to serve the customer every 3 days. I will have 3 big refrigerators to store these goods.Each of the refrigerators will be store with different goods, for example, all seafood will be store within one particular refrigerator with temperatures under the control to make sure the condition of the seafood is in good standing. Appendix Sushi Restaurants in the US Industry Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld. PR Web. April 12, 2012. celestial latitude 10, 2012. http//www. prweb. com/releases/2012/4/prweb9393316. htm Sushi. Wikipedia. December 15, 2012. December 15, 2012 http//en . wikipedia. org/wiki/Sushi World Trade Center A Roadmap Forward The Port Authority of NY and NJ. October 2, 2008. December 15, 2012. http//www. panynj. gov/wtcprogress/pdf/wtc_report_oct_08. pd

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