Thursday, March 21, 2019

A comparison of Ancient Rome and Pre WW1 United States Essay -- essays

A comparison of Ancient Rome and Pre WW1 get together StatesTitle The Roman pudding stone and the Early United States A comparisonThe purpose of this paper is to arrangement the comparison between remarkable empires that were created in many years apart. I chose to compare Pre- innovation War I United States and the Roman pudding stone. The Roman empire information is said to be recorded between 753BC 1184 BC (ThinkQuest) and the Pre World War I information is between late 19th degree Celsius and early 20th century (Encarta). Included in this paper leave alone be in information comparing Government, Economy, Military, and Religion. GOVERNMENTThe Roman Empire had 3 different types of government during this period. During the 1st period Rome was controlled by a fagot, who acted as commander-in-chief during war times as well as the chief priest and judge (ThinkQuest). Decisions had to be approved by the Comitia Centuria and the Senate onward the King could exercise his authorit y. The United States was set-up similar to the Roman Empire in regards to how decisions where executed. The United States government consists of a President, Congress and Senate. Taking these aspects into consideration, both the King and the President have to receive permission from other bodies of government onwards making decisions. ECONOMYBoth the Pre World War I United States and the Roman Empire had vast amounts of agricultural products. The Romans had created a system equal to the United States, which seems amazin...

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