Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mandatory Uniforms in Public Schools Essay -- Papers Argumentative

Mandatory Uniforms in Public SchoolsDo you want comparability among students in your childs civilize? Do you want less violence at heart your childs crop? Would you like your daughter to concentrate more on her develop assignment and less on what name brand jeans she is wearing? All this is workable with authorization uniform policies in public school districts. School uniforms whitethorn seem outdated for some people, but in many cases they tush improve school spirit, attendance and student behavior. According to The Humanist magazine, former President Bill Clintons 1996 State of the Union Address called for all 16,000 school districts in the country to adopt a uniform policy. The President stated, If it kernel that teenagers will stop killing each other over interior decorator jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear uniforms (qtd in Wilkens, screen 1) The public school district in Long Beach, calcium was the first to take up the mandatory school uniform policy. The school district reported drastic decrease in violence, discipline problems, as well as higher test scores after integrity year of implementing the new policy (Wilkens, screen 1). Although students feel that wearing uniforms to school stifles individual expression and creativity, mandatory uniforms in public schools promote a positive learning environment because it creates equality among all students, it decreases violence, and students can counseling on schoolwork instead of their clothing. Students along with some parents dispute that mandatory uniform policies within public schools are unconstitutional. They feel that mandatory uniforms in public schools violate the First Amendment of the Constitution, Freedom of Expression. The First Amendment w...*.Marchant, Valerie. Dress for advantage It looks as if uniforms and dress codes may well make a difference. sequence 13 Sept 1999 C6+. Infotrac. OSU-Okc Lib., Oklahoma City. 23 Feb 2001 *http//*.Renstrom, Peter. Constitutional Rights Sourcebook. Santa Barbara Dimensions, 1999.Uniform Improvements. Psychology straight off Sept 1999 14. Infotrac. OSU-Okc Lib., Oklahoma City.23 Feb 2001 *http//www. infotrac.galegroup .com*.Uniforms Rule This fall, dress codes are an increasingly popular remedy for all thats wrong with American public schools. Do they pay off? Newsweek 4 Oct 199972. Infotrac. OSU-Okc Lib., Oklahoma City.27 Feb 2001 *http//*.Wilkins, Julia. School Uniforms. The Humanist Mar/Apr 1999 19-22. Infotrac. OSU-Okc Lib., Oklahoma City.23 Feb 2001 *http//www.infotrac*.

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