Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Dragons Legacy :: essays research papers

ForewordIn the days of the Ancients there was a draw like no other, for they were blessed with a unique gift of universe able to speak and understand Dragon Tongue.Rumors spread about these charming folk, penetrating rightfulness into the heart of the Evil Lords majuscule fortress in the Dark Lands.Evil Lord Malus dominie heard of this race, and he became worried. All knew that dragons were a superior race that could be only be defeated by immortals. They were the strongest creatures alive. If these folk were to forge an adhesion with the dragons he would surely perish. beforehand dawn the next day, he had summoned his undead warriors. They had destroy the race before daybreak well thats what they thought.A some hours later some traders passed by the spot where the village had been and they heard a noise. When they went to investigate they found a child wrapped in a silk sheet just barely alive.So they took the child and raised it as one of there own never knowing its secre t.Chapter 1 The loyalty RealizedThe merchants son Dazhrej was the finest archer in the principality of Vellantim. His father Rovnir went to the inn every night and gloated.The bandit had slain the guards meet the treasury and made off with the loot.If Dazhrej had not had to fetch some more than silk for his father he would not have seen the bandit making off with the Princes treasure covered in the blood of the Princes regal guards.Dazhrej yelled for the man to stop. The bandit obliged, turned around and went for his barbed throwing natural language. Before he had a circumstances to throw it he had an arrow in his arm pinning it to a tree. Before the fellow had a chance to take in the damage he had another arrow right between his eyes.The Prince thanked Dazhrej for recovering his treasure and rewarded Dazhrej by offering to foster him until knighthood.Dazhrej lief accepted..Three years laterDazhrej now excelled in swordplay, knife fighting and magic.Dazhrej, have the horses been readied? asked Prince Ronan.Yes, your highness, Dazhrej replied.We leave at sunrise, the Prince said.Ah, Prince Ronan, where are we going? Dazhrej asked with curiosity.The metre Congregation of course, replied Prince Ronan. Every Prince is going to be there. Its where we draw up the trade laws, permits and settle disputes between the Princedoms.Oh. Why did you not go rifle year or the year before?

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