Monday, March 25, 2019

Oedipus The King :: Oedipus Rex, Sophocles

Oedipus The force Did the prophecy cause his destiny?Undoubtedly there has been a redoubted amount of speculation and dissection of this lick by countless people end-to-end the ages. I can only draw my own conclusions as to what Sophocles mean the meaning of his play to be. The drama included a number of terrible and unthinkable moral and ethical dilemas, but I believe that was what make the play so interesting and that is exactly the way Sophocles intended it to be. The play was obviously meant to entertain and portray the authors own in chew. The inherent theme to the play is that no man should know his own destiny, it willing become his undoing. This knowledge of things to come was presented to two Laius and Oedipus in the form of prophecies soundly in advance of it coming to be. The prophecies told of things that were so morally disturbing that they both aggressively did everything in their power to try and stop them from coming true. The taradiddle begins with Oedipus at the height of power as big businessman of Thebes. His kingdom has encountered highly strung times and he has sent his nobleman Creon to seek help from the divinity Apollo to restore his land. Creon regulates Oedipus that he must find the absenter of the previous King Laius and by finding this man and banishing him, his land will be restored. The murder occurred some time ago and King Oedipus sends for the seer Theiresias with his powers of prophecy to financial aid in the search for the murderer. Sophocles cleverly projects his feelings on wisdom and knowledge done Teirsias when he says Alas, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the man thats wise(23) Teirsias knows that this terrible prophecy has already been set into motion and the ruin has already been done. There is really no point in express it to Oedipus because it will only cause more harm than good. Oedipus provokes Teirsias into telling him the prophecy, tell you, king, this man, this murderer-h e is here. In name he is a stranger among citizens but in brief he will be shown to be a citizen true inhering Theban, and hell have no joy of the discovery blindness for sight and beggary for riches his exchange, he shall go journeying to a contradictory country tapping his way befor him with a stick.

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