Saturday, April 6, 2019

Reserve Officers Training Corps Essay Example for Free

Re parcel out Officers Training corps Essaya. Discuss how the mission and vision of the Mapua C.W.T.S. and R.O.T. C. objectives be respectively reflected in the C.W.T.S. and R.O.T.C. activities. The C.W.T.S. activities promote social sentience and civic consciousness by going to different communities and being aware of the situation of every family that is sustentation there. It also promotes civic responsibility, since in those communities the students will be on a hands-on application that involves acoustic projection preparation, planning and implementation at the assigned adopted communities. The students were developed to be a productive component of the community and the students are trained to face responsibly their duties and obligations. They are also able to succor the less(prenominal) fortunate and underprivileged people in the society through working with the community.While in the activities of R.O.T.C., the students are being trained, motivated, and organize d for national defense preparedness. It will be discussed to the ROTC cadets the troops concepts and field drills will be conducted as the practical application. They will be engaged in activities such as map culture and land navigation, basic channelise communication, unit formations, basic weapons training and pre-marksmanship training that will develop their skills and capabilities to lead, move, hold out and communicate.The cadets will also participate in activities such as the Foundation Day of the Institute, Intramuros Day, Blood permit Activity, Tree Planting Program, Alay-Lakad and the conduct of terrene flag raising and retreat activities that could inculcate in the callowness the spirit of patriotism and nationalism, also in developing their vital role in nation-building. And, they will be engaged in activities related to livelihood and economic development that would develop their civic consciousness and effectual citizenship.b. Compare and contrast the activities of C.W.T.S. and R.O.T.C. The activities of C.W.T.S. and R.O.T.C. both promotes civic consciousness, civic responsibility and good citizenship for their activities involves going to different communities to help the unprivileged and economically poor people and activities related to livelihood and economic development. In the activities of C.W.T.S., the students are trained to be the leading experts in their chosen career while acknowledging their social obligation. The students are brought up to strive for the scoop in their field in the aimthat their skills and talents would contribute to the upliftment of the societys condition.The students empowerment will serve as a tool in the progress of their lives as well as those of others. While in R.O.T.C., some activities like the CTIS involves training in basic intelligence, map reading and land navigation, basic signal communication, unit formations, basic weapons training and pre-marksmanship training in their Individual/Unit Traini ng, it trains the cadets in visual tracking, force mountaineering and jungle base operations in their Military Values Education the conduct of routine flag raising and retreat activities, weekly conferences, critique or after action review, orientation among the parents about the program in their Military Livelihood Enhancement are activities related to livelihood. Generally, ROTC is designed to provide military training for preparation in national defense and CWTS is like a training ground for students in becoming a productive member of the society.

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