Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Executive Risk Assessment and PowerPoint Presentation (ERAP) Active Essay

Executive Risk Assessment and PowerPoint Presentation (ERAP) Active Shooter Norfolk Naval groundwork Norfolk, Virginia - Essay ExampleThis research writing sought to present executive risk assessment of a fatal shooting that took break through at the Gallery at Military class Mall. In particular, the paper carefully examined how the Norfolk Police responded to the active shooting that occurred at the mall where one man succumbed to death two days after being shot on the leg. The paper found knocked out(p) that the Norfolk law of nature were adequately prepared, responded to the shooting in good time and provided first aid to the injured man. The paper provide a broad range of recommendations that can be employed by Norfolk police force in order to upgrade their preparedness, response and rescue process in case a similar active shooting happens in the nearest future.In February 2014, a shooting took place at the Gallery at Military Circle Mall. The incidence occurred on Frida y afternoon at around 1.00 p.m. The shooting was ignited by an argument that took place between several men inside the Military Circle Mall (West, 2014). It was reported that one of the gunmen mingled in the argument took out his gun and shot another man on the leg. The injured man, Mr. Nottingham Johnnie, 21, was transported to Sentara Norfolk planetary Hospital and his injury was considered non-life threatening and was later released. Unfortunately, Nottingham Johnnie died from gun injuries two days later.Soon after the police were informed of the shooting, they arrived at the scene of the crime at around 1.10 p.m. but the main suspect had already left. The police positioned themselves at every entrance of the mall in order to reduce more profession going to the mall. They also closed the nearby street and started searching around the area to look for suspects (West, 2014). The police made sure that there was no any other shooter still roaming the mall. The police comprehend s everal suspects. In addition, the police conducted photo line-ups and interviewed several witnesses in a bid to figure out what happened. The Norfolk police immediately started a

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