Saturday, April 27, 2019

Marketing Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Marketing seek - Essay ExampleIt is wherefore important that the manufacturer picks another sample so that he last has an average estimate of opinions from both the large and the weakened hardware. It is samely that the first sample was influenced by issues which could hurt affected the quality of the results. It therefore creates the need to make another picking.In order to have a better selection of the sample to be picked, it is important that the other information is provided regarding the case. For instance the ability of the small store to purchase the potential products is a very important parameter in this respect and should therefore form part of the parameters to be used in making the decisions in the given case.2)One of the roughly distracting mannerisms realized from the entry was the patrons frequent peeping into his phone without any particular reason for that. The presenter kept glaring at his phone to the extent that the listening was concerned. However, the he occasionally used his detainment in stressing particular points so as to add weight to his oral instauration. In the same vein, the presentation was a bit interactive since the presenter occasionally posed questions to the audience. The presenter would also give the audience the opportunity to ask questions at particular intervals. To improve the quality of the presentation, other visual aids like PowerPoint could be used in order to animate the process. In the presentation, it was however very lively to be bored.3)A written presentation can be evaluated by several parameters in the presentation. A presentation should be flowing in the manner it is written with brief and concise sentences. It is also important to cancel verbosity in the presentation. Moreover, a written presentation is evaluated on the basis of the length and the relevance to the field to be addressed. The presentation of a research proposal and a research results must

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