Friday, April 19, 2019

Human Relations - Conflict Resolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Human Relations - Conflict Resolution - Essay ExampleFor example, Heitler (1993) focuses a cluster of attention on the psychological aspects of a conflict and Varney (1989) gives similar ideas in his own research. It is noted that the capital sources of conflict are based in miscommunications, the relationship of the people involved in the situation and ain biases. All of these are linked directly to psychological issues and thus it may be possible to trade the situation with the tools used by psychologists. The ideas presented in the book are also in agreement with those presented by Nelson (1995) who gives several approaches to resolving conflicts amongst which the first is to directly confront the problem of the conflict. Psychologically, conflicts may be difficult to establish out to the open but handling them in an objective manner and then deconstructing the issue for a resolution may be the best way to go.Heitler (1993) also links conflicts to emotions and the approach gi ven by PDI (1999) is no different since the approach seeks to build understanding rather than to accept the conflict as a given. If there is understanding between conflicting parties, it would be possible for them to see each others viewpoint and then empathize with each other about how one solution could be acceptable to all parties involved in the conflict. Such inclusion would sure enough create a win-win situation that would certainly be taken by all individuals who are seeking fair play and justice.The book goes into a lot of depth about how bargaining and negotiations can be used to arrive at a settlement of many issues but in certain cases, a bargain may even progress to to be enforced in the case where there is a clear guilty party. However, in nigh cases the conflict will need to be resolved with negotiations and bargaining where individuals can present their own solutions to the problems they have. The soulfulness mediating the conflict then has to see which parts of the two possible

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