Friday, April 26, 2019

I have five different papers that I need to have written. Disciplines Essay

I have five contrasting papers that I need to have written. Disciplines should be in Mathematical methods in introductory algebra,geometry,business mathematics word problems,and business statistics - Essay ExampleThat is, the side by side(p) 10 feet will cost $125 the next 10 feet will cost $150, etc. How much will it cost to build a 90-foot rule?The labor cost for construction of the tower is $100 for the first 10 feet. After that, each in the altogether invoice is $25 more than the previous one. Hence the invoice numbers look like this 100, 125, 150, one hundred seventy-five and so on. There is a constant difference of 25 between two successive foothold which tells us this is an arithmetic sequence.In other words, each year the existing balance is multiplied by 1.05. Hence 1.05 is the common ratio and every full term of the sequence is found by multiplying the previous term with this common ratio. This means we have a geometric sequence at hand.We have learnt that the increm ents by a constant number give arithmetic sequence. This is the reason why we chose arithmetic sequence to solve do work 35 as the labor cost was increasing by a constant number 25 in that case. Similarly a constant ratio between successive terms gives geometric sequence. act upon 37 had a constant ratio of 1.05 between successive balances each year in the nest egg account. Hence we utilise the geometric sequence formula to calculate our final balance. We can use arithmetic sequences to calculate the average performance of a data set of like say the average label of a class as the data is distributed evenly around the median. Geometric sequences can be used to capture the growth of the data set like the growth in the returns of a mutual fund, equity,

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