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Use the first of the prompt 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Use the first of the prompt 1 - Essay ExampleFurthermore, the essay also intends to differentiate why or why not the liberal approach has made a difference in Rodriguezs attitudes as compared to Delbanco.It was in this context that the thoughts of Rodriguez were emphasizing a much liberal form of education as compared to Delbanco. As Rodriguez (597) quoted The boy who first entered a classroom barely able to speak in English, twenty dollar bill years later concluded his studies in the stately quiet of the reading room in the British Museum. While on the other hand, Delbanco states - The educational pressing is clear A class should be small enough to permit every student to participate in the give-and-take of discussion under the counselor of an informed, skilled, and engaged teacher. Again, presenting his views in Achieving of Desire, Rodriguez describes few major difficulties faced by students when balancing life in both academic and on the job(p) class family stages. His littl e emphasis was on learning the attitude of stereotypical students, assuming their relation with a particular working class, who are more likely to spend quantify in books and class notes rather than spending times with family members or friends. For instance, Rodriguez asserts that a stereotypical student, belonging from a working class family background, often finds a young environment of learning to reward him/her with mental calmness. It is in this context that the findings obtained by Rodriguez rationalize that the school environment as completely different from a working class family. He further asserts that in such a home environment, parents have strong influence on students because of the positive environment, which further increases their chances of academic righteousness in their educational career (Rodriguez 597-607).On the other hand, Delbanco in College at Risk provides a distinctive definition of education. Delbanco agrees, What those statements have in commonand th ither is truth in bothis an

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