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'(...) time has emerged as one of the central issues that need to be Essay

(...) conviction has emerged as one of the central issues that need to be grappled with in contemporary fiction(Morrison). Discuss t - Essay ExampleThe title brings out the long time yearning for freedom that the slaves were fighting for. The story beingness a counteraction on memory allows the reader to seek an intervention in the events of write up. This acts as an exploration of the objective of slave narratives in giving history a new meaning and enables the reader to imagine the perspective of history in terms of the present situation. Julys narration of the life in slaveholding enables the audience to feel the extent of miserable life that they were subjected to. She expresses her statements in a manner that depicts the hatred she has for the whites. She enters into a love affair with the plantation master moreover the relationship later ends . charge makes the reader realize the transition between the past and the present. The Long Song informs the descendants of the victi ms of slavery about the hostile environment which their ancestors had lived in. Levy received many letters of gratitude from the descendants of Emily Godwin who never new their slave ancestry. The never change they permanently stick to be what they are at the time of their occurrence (Levy 2010, pp.321). This means memories can never be rubbed away. Somebody might care to go off to some world to where nobody can reach. They wish to go to a place, which time does not pass. Unfortunately, such a place does not exist in this world. One might be continuously get frustrated by the worlds grief, which moves as a function of time and not as a function of somebodies wishes. Time terrifies by the detail that it is a passing factor. One is forced to believe, sincerely, sitting and doing nothing does not really make time to have a break. It even adds the reality of having do nothing. It is rather determined to rush and make history. Years, decades and centuries pass, time increasingly goe s longer. The moments keep changing, you wonder if the centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds were spent in the most efficient and productive ship canal they possibly could. A continuous rapid transition of what happens today to history that goes forever, a thought that things appear and disappear. Whatever remains of experience continue to suck up to the traditions to be taken as traditions of different communities. hoi polloi tend to act in the ways of their ancestors, possibly as a sign of showing them respect. Peoples self-consciousness flow in the direction of what happens in the past, the capture and destruction of existing memories by history has received revelation, like the ancestral alliance of identity had been dismantled and occurrences ending as if the experience was self-evident. In the book, The Long Song (2010), the essay is trying to reveal the part played by neo-slaves narratives in coming up with and bringing a significant change in history. This is done to close the gap of time by enabling the audience to protrude the past in terms of the present events. The genre has been written in the post-abolition era to assert the meaning of historical value of the story about slavery and restore the conscience of slaves as being human beings like anybody else. In this case, history is never used to judge slaves rights. The slaves living in Jamaica had a trying experience in the

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