Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Music Course at the University of California Essay - 1

Music Course at the University of California - Essay ExampleI had also learned a lot from my experiences the need to maintain mutual respect and concern among the band members and to develop as part of a team and retaining ones man-to-man talents and identity at the same time. Though I have taken classes to learn the various musical instruments I play, my broad interest in distinguishable musical genres has also contributed towards the expertise that I have gained. I believe in the power of music that emerges through group efforts. Therefore, I had always been in the company of those who are passionately involved with music. The different experiences that we have had with music had been a binding force among us, and it eventually led to the formation of the jazz band. The suggestions and objurgation from my colleagues have motivated me to strive for a better quality of playing the musical instruments, and I believe that I have achieved that goal with the help of ceaseless trainin g and practice. Now I can claim that I have reached the level of versatility that is expected of a seasoned band player but am aware that music is an art form which calls for an innovative spirit which is willing to keep breeding more and more. This explains my interest in a systematic learning of music as a major in a well-reputed university. Though I have specialized in various musical instruments, I would same to explore the possibilities of learning more related instruments with dedication. However, my ambition is not just to master as many musical instruments as possible.

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