Thursday, June 13, 2019

Internship Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Internship - Article ExampleSince then the concept has gained significant popularity in the operations of different organizations. Research has shown that on that point is no organization that can survive in the long run without learning.A learning organization is conceptualised as a place where the employees create, acquire as salutary as transfer knowledge in their operations (Garvin, Edmondson, and Gino, 110). Basically, a generally accepted definition of learning is any relatively permanent reassign in the behaviour of a person that occurs as a result of experience (Robbins, 110). In an organization, employees can exchange ideas that in turn lead to the invention of knowledge that permanently changes their behaviour. This change in behaviour as a result of new knowledge created helps the employees in the organization to keep pace with the changes they may encounter as well as to deal with challenges they may also face in their operations.In order for learning to take place, three factors know as learning blocks should exist and they include the following (1) a supportive learning environment comprised of factors such as psychological safety, openness as well as appreciation of differences. (2) concrete learning processes and practices comprised of measures that are designed to foster learning, and (3) leadership which mainly reinforces the process of learning. The behavior of leaders influences the learning process of their subordinates.The south article by Kolb Alice Y. & Kolb David A. titled Learning Styles and Learning Spaces Enhancing Experiential Learning in Higher Education focuses on how experiential learning can be enhanced in higher education. The experiential learning theory manly draws from the work of 20th century scholars such as Dewey, Lewin as well as Pieaget among others. These scholars give experience in the learning process of humans.

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