Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Transition to Full-time Freelance Writing Just Took a Bit of Math

Transition to Full-time Freelance Writing Just Took a Bit of Math Like many people who want to write for a living, I was much better in English class than math. But, once I crafted a loosely-defined mathematical equation about freelance writing income, I easily transitioned into full-time  freelance writing. I began writing professionally as a side gig in 1990, working other non-writing jobs for steady income. I then began working in writing-related jobs while growing my freelance business- and then became fully self-employed when I created the following mix of income streams:   Ã‚     Creating content for clients of digital marketing agencies   Ã‚     Creating content for clients where I directly contract with them   Ã‚     Writing books   Ã‚     Teaching/consulting/mentoring/speaking gigs   Ã‚     Editing content   Ã‚     Doing creative writing projects Here are benefits of each. Digital Marketing Agency Content Digital marketing agencies are companies that offer blogging and copywriting services, among other offerings such as SEO, to clients. Often, they get more writing work than they can handle, so they outsource it. To find agencies in my state, I’d type this in Google: digital marketing agencies Ohio. I’d then click on the Google Map that shows up and contact numerous agencies that show up. I’ve also found opportunities at FreelanceWritingGigs.com. With this type of work, I’m given monthly writing assignments from the agencies, often for several of their clients, and then I get paid directly from the agency: one monthly invoice, one monthly check per agency for me. Directly Contracting with Clients Typically, I can get a higher rate when I work directly with a client, which is a plus. So, you can make more money Writing books At any given time, I like to have a book in some stage of development. To date, I’ve traditionally published 14 (and I’m considering self-publishing a book of poetry). The advantage of including book publishing in the mix is that you can gain fairly significant publicity for your work through being an author, plus this is one of the best ways to get speaking gigs- plus there is the income from book sales. I wouldn’t want to rely solely on royalties and book signings, but it plays a role. I find that books appealing to niche audiences to be the most in demand. These include Hidden History of Lorain County, About Boomerangs: America’s Silent Sport and Joe Jackson: A

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