Friday, October 18, 2019

Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 46

Philosophy - Essay Example In spite of the fact that the argument which was described may be rather convincing at first sight, if one carefully analyzes it, one may come up with various fallacies that can be found in its logic. To begin with, one should note that the very first premise is faulty. It is an exaggeration to state that all bodies act to a certain end. Indeed, there is a vast array of objects that do not perform any specific function and, therefore, are not able to have a suitable end for its activity. Of course, it is possible to state that inanimate object should be rejected and the analysis should be limited to animal; however, life of the latter also does not strive to achieve a certain end. While there may be some goals which can be identified, from a general perspective, life of a person, life of a lion, life of a plant and even life of a rock (meaning its existence in one piece before it crumbles) does not serve any purpose or are designed to achieve a certain goal. They might find one is th e process of living, but it surely was not predetermined. The second premise is faulty because it operates with a notion that is rather difficult to design. On the one hand, intelligence is truly a characteristic of a highly developed creature which draws a line between humans and other animals. However, one can not dismiss the fact that even the simplest microorganisms feature some kind of intelligence. Of course, they are not able to think or consider abstract matter, but they are surely active and independent from their perspective. In addition to that, there is no single agreed mechanism of identifying intelligence as the latter might manifest itself in different forms. That is why claiming that some natural bodies are not intelligence is oversimplification. If we accept the validity of the above mentioned statement then the third premise should also

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