Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Biometric Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Biometric - Research Paper Example However, research has shown that the mismatched identification in a whispered speech is due to the phonemes hence providing an unvoiced consonant will prevent this mismatched in whispered identification. Key Words- Voice, Phoneme, Biometric Authentication I. RESEACH QUESTION/PROPOSAL A feature information of enrolled person’s biometric information in biometric authentication is normally enrolled as templates that are stored by secure databases and anti-tampered devices. However, the disadvantage is that biometric information is irrecoverable once compromised. Therefore, there is need to give such information special attention in order to ensure they are safely stored. Also due to increased internet penetration and access by many people has raised a need for the implementation of online biometric authentication i.e. a uniform, secure and reliable method of biometric authentication. Therefore, the research proposal in this case is to identify alternatives for the password-based authentication used in most smart devices today. This kind of authentication is vulnerable and can be compromised hence a proposal to focus and introduce better authentication ways i.e. biometric that uses one’s unique biological and psychological features. ... Mobile devices are being stolen daily, which puts in danger important information that had been stored before. [1]. Therefore, a user will hope that his/her password is strong enough not to be decoded. Biometric authentication is giving a natural alternative to passwords. The wide variety of input sensors that mobile devices include nowadays like microphones, camera, PS, touch screens helps with the implementation of biometric authentication. Businesses are requiring an easy to use but secure authentication for their mobile devices in their corporations as well users around the world. Many of the biometric authentications are strong, but others have their limitations. [2] This paper will discuss and will show an improvement in the authentication of voice recognition. I. BACKGROUND Biometric can be classified in to two major categories based on their characteristics i.e. Behavioral Biometric and Physiological Biometric. Behavioral biometric is the study of the differences in how peopl e do things while physiological biometric is the study of physical uniqueness of individual, which is unlikely to change very easily [3]. A. Importance of Voice Authentication Most of the biometric authentications works with sophisticated equipment that requires the physical presence of the person. For example, Retina biometric authentication needs a camera; which are contained in most smartphones. TABLE 1 PHYSIOLOGICAL BIOMETRIC AND BEHAVIOR BIOMETRIC Physiological Biometric Behavioral Biometric Voice Scan Iris Scan Finger Print DNA Matching Facial Scan Retina Scan Hand Scan Keystroke Scan Signature Scan Gait Recognition However, a Charge Coupled Device (CCD) which is complement with ANSI/IESNA RP-27.1-96 and IEC 60825-1 standards for radiation have

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