Thursday, October 24, 2019

Summer of My German Soldier :: Essays Papers

Summer of My German Soldier The novel, Summer of My German Soldier, written by Bette Greene is about a young Jewish girl, Patty, who befriends a Nazi soldier. She confides in him because of the lack of parental love in her life. The Nazi soldier shows Patty that she is a person of value and is important in the world. This is something that her parents have never told her. Michael Tuchner, director of the cinematic version of, Summer of My German Soldier, does a fair job of portraying the action in the novel, however some key scenes are not shown thus taking away important facts that the viewer would see. There are many scenes in the movie that are not in the book. There are a few key additions, one of which is, Anton asking Patty for accessories. The accessories are a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, comb, etc. When he is asking for these things he seems really demanding. In the book he does not appear to be this way. Another addition is, towards the end of the movie, Patty’s father comes into her room and tells her that she is a bad person and is dead to him. He also tells her that she has always hated him, and in a way this compares to the scene in the book where he goes into the garage and yells â€Å"nobody loves me, nobody loves me!†. The scene in which Ruth walks through the town with Patty is another key addition. It shows that she is confident in herself and that she is not afraid of the prejudice of the white people. This scene closely compares to the scene in the book where Ruth orders the white guards in the juvenile detention center to fetch Pattyâ⠂¬â„¢s Christmas bag. There are many scenes in the book that do not take place in the movie. The most apparent deletion is of the scenes dealing with the grandparents. In the movie Patty’s grandparents are never mentioned; in the book they play a major role in her life. In the beginning of the book, before Patty meets Anton, her grandparents are all she has. Unlike her parents, they treat her like a person. Also at the end of the book they keep her before she has to go to the juvenile detention center.

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