Tuesday, October 15, 2019

MGT599 - Strategic Management, Mod 3 Case Assignment Essay

MGT599 - Strategic Management, Mod 3 Case Assignment - Essay Example In this paper we will make a detailed analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Southwest Airlines and see how they contribute to its overall success. A firm is blessed with its own resources of men, money, machines and materials that can be used to its best advantage if the strategy it is following is correct and feasible in the present conditions. Strong and Robust Reputation: One of the best strengths of Southwest Airlines is its strong reputation and brand name in the airline industry. Established in 1967, it changed its name to Southwest Airlines in 1971 and from them on has been dominating the local air transport sector in the USA. According to its Annual Report 2011, it presently flies to 76 destinations within the USA, and following its acquisition of Air Tran and strategic alliance with Volaris, Mexico it has also established routes to the Caribbean and Mexico in Latin America, making it an emerging regional player (Annual Report, 2011). Zealous and Committed Staff: Southwest Airlines makes no secret of the fact that it works hard to be the leader in the domestic airline sector. It spends a lot on the training and education of its staff and likes strong, enterprising and hard workers who can do a variety of tasks. Even its internship program encourages this attitude. A unique combination of zeal and enthusiasm on the part of its workers coupled with a businesslike but courteous customer service plan makes for a WOW experience even on this low cost service provider. Although Southwest Airlines has in excess of 45,000 staff belonging to as many as 18 different Collective Bargaining Agents in Unions, yet it has managed to coexist with their needs (Annual Report, 2011). Exemplary Pricing and Service Plans: Another plus point for Southwest which other airlines are struggling to emulate are its challenging low fares and variety of pricing plans,

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