Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Student action plans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Student action plans - Essay ExampleAccording to Holling (1), everything is dependent on everything else. In otherwise words, every organism has a significant role in the ecosystem. For instance, lions kill herbivores for food. On the other hand, these animals feed on grass. Hence, if they were left to reproduce without killing some, pasture land would now be barren. This would then(prenominal) lead to extreme erosion and siltation of water beds, hence endangering marine life. Due to this, I think that the aid of ecological integrity is moral and necessary for the survival of all living organisms.Research shows that human activities argon the leading cause of environmental degradation. In my case, for instance, the use of petroleum energy in vehicles leads to the loss of a non-renewable resource. Furthermore, vehicles burn up the petroleum oil and release greenhouse fumes into the atmosphere. This leads to negative impacts on the environment, such as global warming. This, in turn , leads to changes in climate, either longer dry spells on extreme rainy seasons that cause havoc to the environment. Such climate changes affect farmers all over the world, who depend on earnest weather conditions for survival. This, subsequently, results into increased food insecurity and mortality rates. Furthermore, the fumes that vehicles release cause air pollution. battalion become more prone to respiratory diseases, whereas those already with such experience a lesser fortune of cure.In fact, I think that my only positive impact on the environment is in my put of flowers and trees in my home place. However, this cannot cause a reasonable change in the ecosystem. Thus, everyone has to contribute to the sustenance or renewal of ecological integrity in the world. One way is to encourage everyone in the neighborhood to instal trees. Trees provide a water-catchment area that ensures the survival of soil microorganisms as well as marine organisms. In addition, I can also

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