Friday, May 3, 2019

Compare two german films. Metropolis by Fritz Lang and Nowhere in Essay

Compare two german films. city by Fritz Lang and nowhere in Africa by Caroline Link - Essay ExampleIt shows the effects of defence mechanism or acceptance of ones position in the society. Metropolis has a very strong relation with the practice of medicine an sounds of the industrial mature. The fascination with the Russian machine sounds of the time, the locomotive engines , large factory machines and the amazing wonders of the industrial age were the heart of the film to express the future that was yet to be. It is no wonder the movie tends to be associated with this effects. Nowhere in Africa, contrasts this with the music of the contemporary 21st century society. One significant difference that is observable in these two films is the fact that Metropolis is a dumb film. Nowhere in Africa presents its gist to the earreach by means of dialogue and music, Metropolis on the former(a) hand it is only the music and the emotions that can express to the audience the characters feel ings. Each and every person who views it interprets it in the best way he or she understands it. In step-up to this fact, the two movies present a paradox of each other. For instance, Metro is a film that was made in 1927. It is however a flash forward science fiction depicting a future betrothal in which it is set. It tries to reveal the fears that were in the hearts of the society at the time it was being made and what they harbored. The dystopia in which it is set develops from a capitalist society that is scary to them and portends unimaginable hardships. Nowhere in Africa on the other hand is set in retrospect. It is based on an autobiographical novel is a society that knows what has already happened, and can appreciate the gist of the movie. It was made in the twenty first century and reveals the horrors of years past, of a regime that is infamous and the effect that it had on one particular family. Uprooted from their homeland, the community that they were used to and the status that they authentically enjoyed, they find themselves in a distant place in Africa, running a farm in Kenya, a colony which does not give them the same status, facilities, utilities and amenities that their high class lifestyle was addicted to. Metropolis and Nowhere in Africa present several similarities too. For instance, the former is considered the last among several great adventures of the silent screen during the time. It had a series or serious and ambitiously absurd plotting that attacked the societys view of the future. The movie was created in a Germany that was changing, and changing rapidly. The imperialist administration had died and several people were afraid, almost paranoid, slightly what the future held for them. This is why the director of the film presented similar sentiments and prophetic looks as to a future that personate before them, the fear of capitalism. Nowhere in Africa has also won several accolades in its time. It also draws comparisons from the Metropolis. organise retrospectively, the movie shows the fears that the contemporary have come to understand. While in a way it also presents its fears for a communist society it also show how a large

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