Thursday, May 9, 2019

Business information system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

line information system - Essay role modelThe marketing technique used by CPS is also archaic. They depend on advertising themselves on newspapers and magazines as well as organizing open days to allow people to learn more closely the school. The school does not reserve a website, and hence faces a hard time especially in the process of recruiting teachers. This is especially so because other schools are adopting IT and their working procedures are continually being simplified. Students need adequate Information engineering science knowledge since they do not fix a computer laboratory where they can be taught computer classes. Teachers have also complained that the process of researching via books and testifying every information on paper is very tedious. Collaboration with the outside world is impossible due to lack of a late system of IT. They do not have a virtual learning system, and hence open learning, and maintain learning cannot be take place in CPS. The available computers are stuffed with a lot of files, and the files have not even been arranged they have just been dumped into the computer. This makes the computers useless, since they cannot achieve their role. Accessing the files that have al dealy been saved on the computer is also very hard. Introduction With the recent revolutions and inventions in the field of technology, one ought to stay up to date. There is a need to upgrade to better technological systems so as to catch up with the rest of the world. Information technology is the pillar of every successful business of the mod day world. Technology has helped to reduce the burden of having to work for long hours by introducing methods of working effectively and maximally for a shorter decimal point than it used to be. The introduction of the latest technology into CPS can have various bene sees. This paper go out give a critical analysis and review of CPS, regarding its use of technology. Literature review (Theoretical concept of Business information system) Technology is a key to success in todays world (Blaze 2010). not very many people are able to live in a world that lacks technology. Everyone requirements to have a mobile phone and a PC in the modern world (Burnstein 2007). People want to drive vehicles that have the latest technology installed in them. Employees want to do work with the help of modern machines (Goodpasture 2009). Technology is everything. The teachers of CPS live a very stressing life. For example, they have to mark exam papers, then record the marks in a book manually. Their record keeping is also manual, in books, and this would mean that in case of a fire, all their data would be lost. What would happen if the marks of the final exams of students got lost in a fire? This would be a very terrible situation since most of the students would not address about what happened they would sue the school. Most of the students may also leave school when they are not amply conversant with t he computer system. This would pose as a threat to them since they would not be able to fit in the world after school, considering that everyone is getting acquainted with the technology. The school may also face a problem of marketing itself. With the advancement of technology, not many people buy newspapers and magazines people simply wearyt have space for such paper work in their houses and offices (Sutherland 2005). Most people read them online, and get news from different internet sources (Hoolladay 2011) Social

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