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English Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 2

English Literature - Essay casingHe argues that the artistic obligation of the discolor writers is more of engaging with the issues of interests rather than engaging with the stereotypical issues that are assigned by the White ships company. Though the white societys notion of the responsibility of the black artists asserts their engagement with black stereotypes, Ellison tends to trace such notion as an imposed invisible identity operator (Fanon, 1991 23). thusly the invisibility of the narrator of Ellisons novel arises from the societys notion of ethnicity. The conflict grows between his self-perceived identity and the identity imposed by his society, as the first person narrator of the novel says, I am an invisible man. NoI am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquidsand I power even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible understand, simply because concourse refuse to see me (Ellison, 1994 7).The narrators perpetuating blackness reveals a great deal of Ell isons panorama of black identity. He is overly obsessed with the concept of other and his view of other obviously refers to the white-dominated society (McSweeney, 1988 45). According to him, the concept otherness is, in the first place, generated by the white societys effrontery of the black stereotype. Ellison personally believes that submitting to the demand of this other is the loss of ones own identity. In his some other article, Art of Fiction he expresses this view, If the Negro, or any other writer, is going to do what is expected of him, hes lost the battle before he takes the field. (Ellison, 2003 212)In some sense, Ellison launches a deadly satire against the stereotyping of African-Americans as black by the dominant white culture. For him the assertion of the black stereotype is zip but the dream of a race-free America, because it essentially asserts the race-dominated view of the black ethnicity. The bizarreness of the

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