Saturday, September 7, 2019

Trade and Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Trade and Globalization - Essay Example Asian countries are busy developing channels that would lead them to penetrate the American markets. Addressing the interest of the countries involved in trade promote globalization and development trade policies among the member countries. This paper explores trade, globalization between America and Asia. Trade is a major factor that dictates economic growth of a country. Trade open links that promote international relation between countries involved. Asian and Latin America have recorded growth in trade and globalization because of the comprehensive policies that they have developed (Lynch, 2010). These policies aimed at leveraging factors that hampered trade. Bilateral trade is a situation where two countries devise policies that lead to trade between them. Structures, which promote this trade, address issues like tax policies, legislation and any other factor that would make the trading difficult. For example trade between China and America has grown over the resent past due to o pen trade policies that these two countries have adopted. Bilateral trade between China and countries in Latin America has registered growth. Research indicates that Latin America receives much of its imports from Asia. Several factors work towards promoting trade between Asia and America. Some of these factors include the following good relationship between the countries involved. The mutual relationship that exists between the countries involved in the bilateral trade contributed to the growth in the region. The following strategies have provided an enabling environment for the existence of bilateral trade between Asia and America. Creation of an enabling environment for the Caribbean and Latin America countries to offer supply chain in the Asian markets (Lynch, 2010). Creation of a trade relation between the countries involved. These strategies have provided an enabling environment for trade between Asia and America. Customization of the bilateral trade to suit the international standard has greatly led to the growth of trade between the two regions (Lynch, 2010). Opening of these regions to accommodate the global trade is a deliberate attempt that aims at expanding bilateral trade. The Asian countries took an approach that led to the formation of regional economic cooperation. Economic cooperation usually advocates for common tools that would provide trading environment. The international standards help the countries involved to work towards achieving a common objective. Largely, agencies involved in designing trade boundaries have developed proper channels, which have acted towards the growth of the trade. Legal system among the countries involved must provide an opportunity for the countries involved to trade. Some legal policies dictate the entry behavior of a country in the market. Largely, the influence of IMF policies plays a great role in defining the policies that these countries adopt for their trade. The progress of the countries relies on the ef ficiency of the policy adopted. Poor policies influence trade negatively. The economic growth of the Asian countries has recorded a substantial growth because of the changes in the global trading trends. Globalization has led to development of the international payment system, which incorporate electronics payment methods. Globalization refers to a system where countries collaborate to eliminate factors that influence trade. The aim of

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