Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Nursing Philosophy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nursing Philosophy - Assignment Example At the core of nursing is patient outcomes to the extent that the wellbeing of the patient, and indeed the general public, should be at the centre of the heart of every nurse. The practice of nursing should be based on continuous professional development, respect for culture and personal views, and high ethical standards. In this respect, the nurse should be accountable, compassionate, and professional as noted by Kutin (2013). Like Florence Nightingale, I believe that nursing goes beyond profession and is, in fact, a calling. As a calling, nursing is dedicated to helping those in need with humility to the extent that the nurse must be willing to devote long hours toward work and endure stressful situations. Given that people experience different issues, are influenced by different factors (spiritual, developmental, economic, ethic, and social among others) and hold different views, patience centered care should be practiced by the nurse. In line with my values, I believe that nursing is concerned with the preservation of life. In this respect, nursing involves working as an individual and as part of a team to provide the highest possible quality of care, achieve optimal patient outcomes, and improve patient safety as noted by St. Mary’s

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