Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Martians Go Home! :: essays research papers

Martians Go Home ! ... but take me with you ! (dissahc) undefined More... [Close] [Close] undefined SHORT LIST OF MARTIAN CHARACTERS IN THE STAGE WORLD (Venusians, Pans, Lizards and others also included) by Josh Nevada Below you see a list of Martian characters in the "Stage World". Martians : Martians in politics and power U.S. Government - Executive Branch Dick Cheney (U.S. Vice-President, former Secretary of Defense) Al Gore (U.S. Vice-President, 1992-2000) Warren Christopher (U.S. Secretary of State, 1993-1996) William Cohen (U.S. Secretary of Defense, Clinton Administration) Henry Kissinger (U.S. Secretary of State, Nixon Administration) Anthony Lake (U.S. national security advisor, 1993-1996) Richard Holbrooke (U.S. Representative to the U.N.) Frank Keating (Governor of Oklahoma) Andy Marshall (Pentagon's military advisor - Office of Net Assessment) A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard (Executive Director of CIA - CIA's No. 3) Robert Zoellick (U.S. Trade Representative) U.S. Senate Craig Thomas (U.S. Senator; R-Wyoming) Jim Inhofe (U.S. Senator; R-Oklahoma) Richard Shelby (U.S. Senator; R-Alabama) John Glenn (former U.S. Senator; astronaut) Learn more about their Committees assignments U.S. House of Representatives Edward R. Royce (U.S. Representative, R-California) Howard "Buck" McKeon (U.S. Representative, R-California) Lois Capps (U.S. Representative; D-California) Tom Lantos (U.S. Representative; D-California) Jim Leach (U.S. Representative; R-Iowa) Jerry Moran (U.S. Representative; R-Kansas) Anne Northup (U.S. Representative; R-Kentucky) Jo Ann Emerson (U.S. Representative; R-Missouri) Kenny Hulshof (U.S. Representative; R-Missouri) Michael R. McNulty (U.S. Representative; D-New York) Curt Weldon (U.S. Representative; R-Pennsylvania) John Thune (U.S. Representative; R-South Dakota) John J. Duncan, Jr. (U.S. Representative; R-Tennessee) William Jenkins (U.S. Representative; R-Tennessee) Tom Petri (U.S. Representative; R-Wisconsin) Learn more about their Committees assignments U.S. - Businessmen Michael Bloomberg (businessman, owner of the Bloomberg conglomerate) Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft) British politicians Tony Blair (UK Prime Minister) Robin Cook (UK Foreign Secretary) Martin McGuinness (Northern Ireland's Education Minister, ex-IRA) Other countries Vladimir Putin (Russian Prime Minister) Gerhard Schroder (German Prime Minister) The Pope John Paul II Yukio Hatoyama (head of Japan's Democratic Party) Hugo Chavez (the President of Venezuela) Leonid Kuchma (the President of Ukraine) Martians in Hollywood (Who said Martians don't combine with entertainment ?) Mel Gibson Tom Hanks Meg Ryan Antonio Banderas Jean Claude Van Damme Ed Harris Michael Keaton Bill Paxton Gary Sinise Brendan Fraser (from "The Mummy", "Blast from the past") Goldie Hawn Eric Stoltz (from "Memphis Belle") Tom Hulce (protagonist of "Amadeus") Milla Jovovich (protagonist of "The Fifth Element") Natassja Kinski Catherine-Zeta Jones Uma Thurman Annete Benning Christopher Walken Denzel Washington Donald Sutherland Pat Morita (Miyagi, the Japanese master in "Karate Kid") Roger Moore Hutger Hauer (from "Blade Runner, "Crossworlds") Eric Idle (from British comedy group "Monty Phyton", now on Sony's TV show "Suddenly Susan") Malcom McDowell (from "Clockwork Orange", "Cat People") Ray Walston (Uncle Martin in the classic TV show "My Favorite Martian") James Stewart (protagonist of several Hitchcock movies)

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