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2013 consuming fashion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

2013 consuming fashion - Essay Example The period around the late 70s and the early 80 witnessed a number of technological innovations key among which were in the sector of communication including the advent of the use of the internet. The technological developments therefore influenced the lifestyles of these people affecting their childhood thus their adulthood later in old age (Espinoza, 2012). The generation Y population is synonymously referred to as the millennium generation owing to the timing of the inception of the term around the millennium. Culture plays a big role in the formulation of a person’s lifestyle and that of the society. Culture refers to a society’s way of life, this includes the manner in which the people in the society dress, eat and worship. A society on the other hand refers to a group of people habiting a single geographical region. The use of the internet and other advanced commination gadgets succeeded in making the world a global village. This implies that every part of the wor ld became readily accessible by overcoming the geographical barriers. By redefining the society, the internet and the associated communication development influenced people’s understanding of cultures thus resulting in most people adopting new trends while abandon unfavorable behavior. Culture is never static and the more people interact with one another the more they adopt new likes and preferences thus changing their entire cultural understanding (Espinoza & Mick, 2010). Demographics & psychographics of the generation Y Based on their overreliance on technology and with the formation of a global village, the generation Y has no geographical barriers and exist all through the world. They are disintegrated into smaller groups with each group having its specific preferences. The members of this generation have no defining factor but are all unique from one another yet they share the media content. Their solitary lifestyles thus influences their consumption of the media content making the develop unique personalities and shopping patterns. Furthermore, the have abundant media content which provides them with a variety to choose from. The main defining characteristic of the generation Y population arises from the interactive nature of the new communication developments. This population is dynamic and very specific with their preferences a feature that influences their purchasing patterns. The internet brings the whole world together thereby expanding the market, this makes the population have an array of choices to make. It thus becomes difficult to have a presumption on the preference of this population especially in relation to their purchasing pattern. Kotler et al, (2010) asserts that this population is commonly referred to as toy children. This implies that in their childhood, members of this generation played a lot with toys a feature that influenced their development. The population consists of highly enlightened population owing to the fact that th eir parents most of who belonged to the generation X had a bit of enlightenment and therefore sought academic enlightenment for their children (Iacobucci, 2012). The less physically active childhood and the enlightened adulthood contribute to the lifestyle and therefore the purchasing pattern of the generation. peer pressure contributes the personalities that people acquire later in life, this generation experiences little f peer pressure owing to the independent lifestyles of their parents and the subsequent freedom deposited to them by education and exposure. Members of this generation therefore made selection of their friendships depending on their likes and preferences natured from their childhood. Twenge, (2006) explains that members of this g

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