Saturday, July 27, 2019

Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Theory - Essay Example Correspondingly, theory is science is a logical and mathematical explanation, a framework describing the relations between phenomena, a set of universally true laws and principles, a testable, self-consistent model of reality, derived from the systematic observation of natural phenomena and conditions and capable of predicting future events and development of things. Ta scientific theory can always be verified by further investigations, be it an experiment or an empirical observation. The word theory comes from Greek theoria, which means ‘speculation, contemplation.’ It also can be traced back to the word theion, meaning divine thing, so that theory means contemplation on the divine organization of the nature. A scientific theory is formulated through scientific method. A scientist makes some hypothesis on the basis of observations, predicting possible outcomes. Then predictions are tested experimentally. New observations can confirm the hypothesis or refute it. Depending on whether the hypothesis is confirmed or refuted, it can be adjusted or redefined. In case the old theory is not confirmed within a new context, a new theory can be proposed (p.8). Often numerous hypotheses are bound within one theory. Theories deal with broader sets of universals than hypotheses. There may be several theories about the same part of reality, all of them revealing some truth. However, one theory may be superior to other competitive theories. Then it becomes a framework within which theoretical facts and observations are explained and predicted (Dodig – Crnkovic 2001, p.8). According to Karl Popper (1963) a scientific theory has the following characteristics: 1) It can be easily verified and confirmed. 2) Confirmations are sound if the prediction is risky and there have been expected an event able to refute the theory. 3) A scientific theory always forbids some things to happen. 4) A scientific theory is always refutable by some fact of event.

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