Thursday, July 18, 2019

Gender Identity Essay

Gender identities are determined by biological, social and cognitive learning factors, these occur overtime and more times than most gender identity is determined in childhood and usually by the age of six to seven years of age. Biological factors can play a big role in shaping a child’s physical development, some researchers suggest or believe that the same sex hormones enable sexual organ differentiation in utero of which triggers puberty, later on other gender identity factors are social and environmental factors, some believe a child’s gender identity is affected by the way they are raised and their social environment. These factors can determine a child’s gender identity and whether they become bisexual, heterosexual or other factors and identities. Gender roles and sexism can be identified by social identity like the expectations of a person by what sex they may be like male or female some countries believe women stay home and take care of their husbands and children and stay hidden and silent , other countries like the us women and men are equal and both have basically the same types of careers such as construction workers, and most careers are not limited to gender identity , examples of these concepts is like the middle east women are not allowed to be seen or heard unless spoken to and in no such terms are they permitted to speak to or look at other men for these laws being broken they are punished severly. in the us women and men treat each other equally and women have the same legal rights as men, women are not treated as children were treated back years ago , women in the US live their lives as men do equally. So gender roles depend on what culture you live in. Differences in men and women in social environments and cognitively are very different, and in some cases are the same, men can go to a restaurant or a social club and take considerable risks where a women will be more shy and timid, as for problems when these arise men most likely look for solutions to their problems before talking to a friend or family member about them where a women will contemplate and look for answers with the family or friends they speak to. Men and women’s intelligence levels are basically the same and as for environment men and women’s biological differences may be due to the influences they are around like men watching football together or women at a needlepoint club, and their gender developments, as well as where they socialize men and women are distinctively different and the same but different due to the regulation of their hormones and the way their systems are different and the difference in their brain functions, men and women’s e motions are mechanically different. One biological perspective or evidence suggest that differences in verbal and spatial abilities memory, and aggression are linked, to differences in hormones secretions between males and females this claims gender identity as being influenced re all research by hormonal imprinting before birth, a person’s masculine or feminine traits can be described by whether a person see’s themselves as a man or a women and how society perceives them whether it be stereotyping, or social differences. The masculine and femininity continuums characteristics are defending an opinion or beliefs, being a provider, sexually aggressive, unemotional, logical, rational, intellectual, and stoic adventurous, and competiveness. Being a leader, and being self-sufficient and an organizer and being independent these are the ways of masculinity or feminism traits continuum, these can be described to fall into felinity as well as masculinity these are added traits to the continuum, caring for a child and other people, being empathetic or being indecisive, caring and affectionate, the way females and males differ in many ways men and women are the same, In conclusion to gender identity masculinity and feminism are described as degrees but are not absolute in all people there is no such thing as one hundred percent female or one hundred percent male, this is all a myth we all basically fall in both categories and our gender identity is not decided for us.

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