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Evaluate how Napoleon both continued and broke from the aims of his Essay

Evaluate how Napoleon both continued and broke from the aims of his revolutionary predecessors - Essay Example Due to these successful statistics, Napoleon is regarded as one of the shrewdest and greatest military commanders that the world has ever seen and it is for this reason that his military campaigns are studied at different military academies worldwide. In 1799, Napoleon replaced the French directory with French Consulate and became the First Consul. He was 5 years later proclaimed as the emperor by the French Senate after a plebiscite in his favor. From 1900 to 1910, the French Empire was besieged with a number of conflicts known as the Napoleonic Wars which involved all the major European powers (Schom). After several victories, France had held an extremely powerful and dominant position in Europe. Napoleon maintained this French influence by forming extensive alliances and by appointing various many family members and friends to rule over different European states as French client states. The turning point of napoleon’s fame and success was the war of Peninsula and the 1812 i nvasion of Russia by the French armies. Despite major success in these wars, napoleon army was badly injured in these invasions ad was unable to fully recover from the blows from the war. This marked the downfall of Napoleon’s success. ... The next six years of Napoleon lives were spent in British confinement on the island of Saint Helena. It was concluded on the basis of an autopsy that Hitler died of stomach cancer despite major debates around the cause of his death, for some scholars firmly believe that Napoleon was poisoned by arsenic. When looking to answer the question of how Napoleon was different from his predecessors, the major difference is the Civil Code that was invented by Napoleon. Ever since the prevalence of in France, there has never been a single body of standard regulating the country. This was a cause of many problems in various parts of the country and created rather unjust and unfair legal situations especially where the poor were concerned. The Napoleonic Code based mostly on the Roman Law, Justinian’s Code. The code basically separated Civil Law into three different categories; the personal category, the status category and the property and the acquisition of property category. These thre e were also the main morals of the entire French Revolution. French revolutionaries wanted the entire country to be standing on equal footing regardless of anyone’s monetary status. It was the Napoleonic Code that ensured that everyone had a chance to earn themselves money and a status. Every country in Europe other than Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, Russia and Sweden have based parts of their laws on one or another aspect of the Napoleonic Code (The Napoleonic Code). The Code is still used to date in several former French colonies like Louisiana and Quebec. The Napoleonic Code was perhaps the greatest civil achievement of Napoleon’s. This code was the embodiment of the entire French revolution. It was Napoleon’s code that was responsible for

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