Thursday, July 25, 2019

Plagiarism Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Plagiarism - Coursework Example When three or more words are used in a sentence from the original source and there is no clear citing, plagiarism occurs. The writer does not appropriately cite the sources used. He or she should have included in-text citation in the passage to avoid plagiarism (Strout & Frame, 2004, p. 171-181). The student should have used direct quotation in writing about doctors whose allegiance is always torn between the drug researchers and trustworthy consumers, leaving the important lot, the patients, unattended. Paraphrasing involves taking someone’s idea and presenting it in your own words. Changing words from the original document is still considered plagiarism even if the author is cited. The paraphrased sentence, on how hard it is to know whether a conflict between researchers, doctors and the drug stakeholders has tainted results should have been in-text cited. He should have included an in-text citation after the sentence. Hence, there is plagiarism in the sentence (Lunsford & Rober, 1995). Materials or documents that use facts, statistics, figures, arguments, speculations or opinions without proper citing are plagiarized materials. This is because the writer is not the source of the work, and therefore could be cheating deliberately (Strout & Frame, 2004, p. 171-181). Paraphrases with no citation are also plagiarism. A paraphrased document or work should be properly cited to acknowledge the author. Changing words in the original word without citation is plagiarism (Lunsford & Rober, 1995). Misplaced citations give rise to plagiarism. If direct quotation or paraphrasing is used, the reference should come at the end of the document or material cited. Any summarized, quoted or paraphrased idea that comes after the citation is plagiarized (Grunabaum, 1944, p. 243-53). Every piece of information that does not come from someone’s research or common knowledge should be cited. This includes facts, statistics, figures, arguments, speculations and opinions.

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