Monday, February 25, 2019

Over Population Essay

The rapid increase of the Earths people is becoming an extend due to the depletion of forests and limited resources. There has been a dramatic increase in the Worlds community by 5. 8 million from 1900 to the nowadays day. In this era humans be reproducing more than in forward times cause them to cluster near each other in cities and to live in crowded conditions with limited resources. If the world continues to carry on these factors, in the near future the earth ordain non concur its resources.There are many factors that contri thate to the overpopulation of the world. Developing countries in need of education, major(ip) gap in wealth along with social class and the evolution of earths resources are factors of overpopulation. In both(prenominal) countries, many individuals do not prolong money or the opportunity to be amend and as a result they do not know how to surmount the population in the means of using protection to guard. Lack of family prep is comm whole s een in the illiterate lot of the world rise in fork over rate. (Beddinton, J, 2010)Illiteracy is an important factor that contributes to overpopulation. It has been proved that individuals with a minimum of a post-secondary education are likely to carry fewer kids than those who do not possess a post-secondary education. 1/3 of the population growth in the world is the result of incidental or unwanted pregnancies. (Beddington, J, 2010) The concept of birth control isnt quite accepted in many cultures. use birth control measures is considered forbidden in certain cultures.In some cultures, manly children are preferent. This ultimately forces couples to produce children till a child of the preferred gender is conceived. Women are often pressured from the family and society to children. It is a role that women are given, not by choice, but by their societies. They are child bearers and forever and a day pull up s lots be.Those lacking education dont quite date the need to obl ige population growth. Modern methods of birth control andfamily provision dont reach certain societies either, making it difficult for them to have methods of curbing their growing population. (Oak, M, 2012) These heap are unable to understand what repair overpopulation can have because they are not taught about the transnational upkeep not do they have time to think about it with solely that they already deal with. Those with education can make more responsible decisions about marriage and childbirth. Thus education is an effective besidesl to curb overpopulation.Human nature always wants something more or better and realistically lot are never completely satisfied. The problem is that, there are too many mint on the planet for all of them to live head and carry a comfortable life. There is an immense difference in the in rally of individuals and there are also such differences in the power among social classes. As more wealth and resources have become easy, the ter ms associated with obtaining these resources is forced to increase, resulting in unequal access code to them.Those living at the middle, lower, and foundation of the income brackets find it more difficult to sustain a viable step of life. (Beddington, J, 2010) Compared to the entire population, there are only a few people that possess large amounts of money and power over the rest of the people. As the Earths population continues to increase, the more poverty that there will be. There are evidently more than enough resources to go some to everybody on the planet, but the distribution of these resources is not equal.Millionaires are constantly nerve-racking to figure out how to make more money and they hire people at extremely low wages because those people are regrettably desperate. The Bourgeoisie will always have the money by go across along wealth and the Proletariat will always be stuck in the position of doing heavy labour for little income. Money is scarce to some extent for everyone. The top one percent holds way too more money and power over everyone else. Because of these people the wealth is very unequal, causing poverty and allowing the rich to hold all the riches and the poor to have less.Increasing population leads to companies increasing the need for products thus more productions are made. community in agriculture such as farmers have always had the world power to exploit their resources in order to reach the fullest potential of their harvest but this is starting to change. One resource that is particularly running low is the fixings of life, fresh water. Out of the total water on earth only two percent is fresh and of that only one is able to be used the rest is locked up as parts of gasses or as ice in the polar caps.(Beddington, J, 2010)Humans use half of all the available fresh water yet many still cant find enough. Over one billion people lack access if they have any to clean and safe drinking water. As population grows, so will the number of people living in these conditions where they are unable to obtain basic resources. The water tables of China, India, Pakistan, Mexico and Yemen are dropping by 1 to 3 meters per stratum, as are those of the US, especially in the Confederate Great Plains where thousands of farms have gone dry.Since one ton of tittle requires 1000 tons of water, this water deficit will cross international borders in the form of increasing grain prices worldwide. (Beddington, J, 2010) The planet is clearly having a difficult time managing the need of products due to the growing high demands of goods and resources. close to 80 million people are added to the planet every year and a healthy future does not lie ahead unless a change for materials and materials that can be recycled is demanded.Overpopulation is a serious subject and a growing issue for todays generation and those ahead. There needfully to be increased awareness on this issue, because its becoming a problem that is increa sing every second. Education needs to be provided for those in need in order to help reduce the birth rate, resources essential be managed wisely in order to save resources for the years to come and a development for a better share of wealth throughout the world needs to be found in order to control this problem that generations ahead and maybe even this era is facing.People need to control at the numbers, according to U. N the world population is projected to come to 9. 6 billion by 2050. Earth cannot hold an infinite population and the pollution that they cause. Overpopulation wont resolve itself the birth rate will not magically decrease and change will not take place until the people truly want it and act upon it.

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