Thursday, February 21, 2019

Domestic Violence Essay

There are many theories out at that place that try to explain why domestic violence happens. Some deal family violence theory say that it is passed down through the family because basically what you befool is what you will do. Others say its a chemical imbalance or its based on other things. I believe that it is a lower-ranking bit of all of the theories notwithstanding the Culture of delirium Theory is play a huge role instantly in helping modulate our young childrens minds as to what is now acceptable. During this assignment we will learn at four different types of examples of how the Culture of Violence Theory is doing that if that.Culture of Violence theory claims that violence occurs at all levels of rules of order and is demeanored at as a means to resolve a conflict. Violence and force are acceptable and are used even in family disputes. Theories believe that in order to s devolve a man from whacking or beltting a woman accordingly you take to interchange th e demeanor he believes or relies on violence being a means to solve all his problems. I also believe that our civilisation as a whole is violence driven. As a spend in the United States Army, I deploy to combat areas and I have meet other new recruits who basically trusted to join the armed services for that reason. So then the question is why in the world would you want to do something just for the violence? Well we can look no further then what is the main culprit to me and that is the Mass Media.The Mass Media today is the main reason why our grow is so violence driven. initiatory I am going to start off on the word of honor show media and movies that are being viewed by our children and young adults. The news media invariably seems to have negative things. You rarely hear anything about a city non having an violent acts being placed over the news. Instead you turn the news on and your going to see how a father came home and gear up his wife cheating on him so he bea t her to death, then killed all his children before turning his gun on himself.The news always reports the violent acts so thats what our culture is getting use to see. When we look at the type of movies being depicted that display acts of violence in a family household we look at the movie Precious. This movie win the actress a Grammy Award but in this movie your watching a girl being physically, verbally and sexually abused at home. The only time she was safe was at school. What does this type of information get wind? It could t from all(prenominal) one a positive message but I believe that in reality all it did was downgrade women and especially African American women. Movies and the intelligence arent the only means to project violence within our culture.The debatable video lame by rock star called Grand theft Auto has been sparking debates across the nation for years. This is one of the best selling franchises in the video game industry but the message in this top playin g videogame for our youth in particular teens is violence. This game depicts family violence, drug selling, murder, extortion, robbery, theft, green theft auto and many more violent crimes. This game truly belittles women I feel because they always use derogatory language towards them. This game always shows pimps and hos and the pimp is always beating on the women. This sends a message that our companionship is fine with this type of behavior since we fork over it for our amusement and entertainment. I am one of those who is at fault by playing this type of games but I do actualise that this is non appropriate for our youth because they are still learning and trying to understand what is the wrong and right way to act in society and this doesnt help them in any way.Our society today is all about technology. Everyone has an internet capable phone and the internet is streaming videos constantly. With that being pitiful a lot of youth and teens are able to watch medicament vid eos either through their phone, laptop or on the television. The new hit song titled Try by sound depicts two lovers basically having an all-out brawl with each other. They are pulling hair, breaking glasses, contact each other. This melody video shows our youth domestic violence but shows it as a poetry in motion or as just two people really in love with each other so even though they are hurting each other its ok as long as they continue to ferment it out and try again. So is the message here teaching our society to not harm each other? It doesnt look that way to me and if this keeps up then we will continue to see the numbers as high as they are.All of the different examples I gave show you how our culture became so violence oriented. From the News stations to the Movies in the theaters to the videogames we buy our children and the music they listen to. What children hear and see is exactly what they will do so yes I believe Family Violence Theory plays a role in my paper but the Cultural Violence Theory is by further the most destructive force we have and we can only hip-hop ourselves.ReferenceCJ333 Chapter 3, Research and Theory on Family ViolenceVideo spirited Study Reinforces Negative Impact on Youth, Jennifer Leclaire, 4/10/06 Pink gets physical and aggressive in Try music video, Lucas Villa, October 10 2012

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