Friday, August 9, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 24

Leadership - Essay Example Globalization though considered as advantageous for everyone, increases the concern of employees as it brings along change with itself. Change is referred to as doing this differently, in simpler terms; change is the process of doing same jobs in different ways. Change is highly disliked by employees as they fear that they will not be able to cope with change and will lose their jobs, thus employees tend to be an obstacle in the way of organization’s success if they stand against change. For example: In Information Technology industry, continuous change takes place, new software is developed to make work easier and to replace the older software. Employees fear that they might not be able to work on the new software and they resist this change as they fear they will be replaced by people who have knowledge of how to use the software. New software may be helpful in increasing productivity and decreasing loss of time, thus if firms in this industry fail to implement this change, they might continue with lower productivity and time will be wasted, thus they will not be able to compete against those firms that implement such changes. In these scenarios the leaders have to play a major role, they have to step forward and provide proper training to their followers so their followers can easily accept this change, leaders even have to articulate these changes to the employees and have to present a positive and beneficial picture of the acceptance of this change for the employees as well as the organization.

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