Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Individual project 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Individual project 2 - Assignment Example In both cases, window-shopping is the order of the day. Customers move around as they select the products they think are best suitable for them (Garrett 2007). However, in the case of the store, the difference is that there is an attendant nearby who is ready to address to the needs of the customers. In the other hand, the web store as a section called live chat where the attendants can chat lively so that they can address the needs of the online shoppers. On the part of completing purchases, the customers are provided with the receipts upon successful payments. However, the store accepts various ways of affecting the payment process such as cash, cheque, credits cards, as well as mobile phone money transfers (Gronroos 2006). In the other hand, the web store has a little similarity as far as closing a purchase is concerned. In the first place, it also accepts credit cards and mobile phone money transfers just like the store. However, it does not accept cash, and cheque. The image portrayed in the brick and mortar store is building materials with different arrays of the blocks. However, there is also a small section of a Manson indicating how those bricks do look like when used to build a house. To an extent, it fits the segmentation strategy because they have managed to cater for the needs of different customers of different age groups as well as that belongs to different economic classes. Looking carefully, the online store is more successful as compared to the actual store. This is because it has already attracted large number of customers looking at daily sales on the web site. Furthermore, the display itself at the website is more appealing than the actual store. This is not to mention the fact that it is available to everybody irrespective of his/her location in this planet earth. All needed is the web address of the store where the customers can converge and view the products they are offering (Garrett 2007). Looking at the customers

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