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Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Marketing - Essay Example as been characterized as ‘the process of using promotional tools in a unified way to create synergy’ (Egan 2007, 338). Reference is also made to the needs and the effectiveness of marketing communications tools, which have been characterized as ‘the channels that send messages from the business to its customers and vice-versa’ (Smith, Berry and Pulford 1999, 14). Three different marketing campaigns have been chosen in order to highlight the terms of success of IMC in the context of the modern market: a) the City of West Chicago campaign, know as the ‘This is West Chicago’ campaign, b) the Seneca Park Zoo ‘Zoobilation’ IMC Campaign and c) Raging Waves IMC Campaign. ... need for increasing the awareness of the public on the services offered by the organizations involved; at this point, it should be noted that the second and the third marketing campaigns refer to organizations operating in the same industry, i.e. the entertainment industry, b) they use similar marketing communication tools, as analyzed below; this means that through these campaigns, the effectiveness of specific marketing communication tools within different market conditions can be tested and evaluated (Koekemoer & Bird 2004) and c) all these marketing campaigns had performed well, meaning that they have achieved the targets set by their planners. 3.0 City of West Chicago IMC Campaign 3.1. Target Audience The target audience in the specific campaign would incorporate the following categories of people: a) the residents of the city, b) the visitors of the city; the term visitors refer to those visiting the city for tourism purposes but also those visiting the city for work or in the context of specific social obligations, as for example for family reasons and c) the potential investors; meaning those who would be potentially interested in investing on the city. 3.2 Marketing Objectives The marketing objectives of the specific campaigns could be described as follows: a) to increase the satisfaction of city’s residents regarding the assets of their city, b) to increase the value of the assets of the city (by developing the assets of the cities through the funds of potential investors, the value of the city’s assets will be increased, leading to the increase of the power of the city as an important economic centre), c) to increase the income of the city from tourism; by improving the assets and the facilities of the city (using private funds) more tourists are

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