Friday, November 8, 2019

Compare and Contrast Essay on a Human Essays

Compare and Contrast Essay on a Human Essays Compare and Contrast Essay on a Human Essay Compare and Contrast Essay on a Human Essay Many have heard the saying, Nobodys perfect and truth is no one is. Everyone has something they want to change or improve about themselves. Society plays a big role in encouraging people to look a specific way, a way that is described as its version of perfect. A way that helps portray this vision of what people should look like is through advertisement. Ads are what grasps the attention of society and fghts to pull them into contributing, buying, etc. heir products and/or ideas. Ads have been round for centuries are continued until this day. Advertisements are a way of manipulating a person to think what the advertisement thinks. Ads have become nothing more than ordinary in our time. The purpose of this essay will be to compare and contrast three different advertisements by their elements. The three advertisements will be Weight Watchers, Proactive, and Victoria Secret. Everyone is born different and there is nothing that ca be done to prevent that. As we grow older we began to develop our own physical appearance and as many know, ot all are satisfied with end results. This touches the element of biology. Advertisements such as Weight Watchers and Proactive are set out to help those who feel in they are in desperate need. Both Weight watchers and Proactive bring in audience by sharing interviews that are called, Success Stories. These stories are told by everyday ordinary people on how the product was such a success for them. The stories are followed by before and after pictures of the person and how happy they are now. These two ads fall under the biology element because the product of the advertisement is meant to fix what your body is not doing naturally such as losing weight and getting rid of acne. Another element used by these two ads is celebrity gain. They are able to get celebrities to use their products and speak about the wonders its for them, which gives even more motivation for consumers to buy the product. Differences are Just as evident as similarities in the case of Weight Watchers and Victoria Secret. Though they both deal with the visual aspect of the human body, Weight Watchers deals with working on the body to make it look better and more appealing as where Victoria Secret uses advertisement to sell product that will make someone appear more seductive by wearing their products. The Weight watchers idea is to put more concern against a consumers health than their actual physical appearance and makes thin look as if it were an added bonus. By this I follow into an element between the two ads which is society pressure. Since beginning of time ppearance has been Judge quiet harshly by societies. People look for approval of others instead of themselves and when they do not seek approval they are Judged for having their own opinion towards themselves. These ads give consumers motivation to look and dress the way society wants them to. Weight watchers motivates by showing ordinary women happier than they have ever been exposing their body. Where Victoria Secret uses models who already tall and thin to sell proactive clothing and undergarments to women who have THAT body to show it off. By watching or nearlng aoout tnese ads It causes people to unaer pressure tnat tnat Is now tney should look. That if they look like suburban mom or high fashion model they will be approved and accepted by those around them. Advertisements try to bring out different emotions and feelings in their viewers. The advertisements mentioned in this essay appeal to different senses of the consumers yet do have a focus on one set target. Weight watchers focuses specifically on weight loss and healthy nutrition, Proactive works on clearing skin rom acne, and Victoria Secret sells merchandise that makes one more attractive. All three advertisements that have been mentioned use women to appeal to the audience. Though men are seen and mentioned in success with Weight Watchers and Proactive in all reality what the ads really try to hit are women. Women are way more vulnerable to purchasing products and merchandise because it is a natural instinct for them to care what others think of them. All three advertisements mention how they can make one appear more beautiful than how they already look. Women become easily fooled through manipulation. These ads speak through commercials, magazines, pictures, etc. we become so immune to their presence it soon becomes molded to the mind which more than likely lures consumers to hop on their wagon. This falls into the element of Psychology. Though not used the same way as before media does have quiet a history with manipulation. It is not noticeable sometimes not even used in ads but with being brought up time on from time on ads sink into brain into making the viewer want to go out and purchase their products/ merchandise.

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